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Richard PIERCE
(Abt 1563-)
Captain William PIERCE
(Abt 1595-1641)


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Elizabeth BROWN


  • Born: 1583, Shropshire, England 1576
  • Marriage: Elizabeth BROWN in 1635 in Charleston, , Massachusetts
  • Died: Oct 7, 1666, Charleston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts at age 83

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Pierces And Their Posterity: 1633-Came to America w/ wife Elizabeth & son Thomas II and settled in Charlestown, MA

Thomas Pierce's Will

Cambridge in New England, Novemb. 7th, 1665

I, Thomas Pierce of Charlestown, aged about 82 years, being throw the goodness of ye Lord of sound judgment & memory, and in some measure of bodily health, do ordaine & hereby declare my last Will and testament, in manner and form following; viz: my soul, which I believe is imortall, I do desire humbley and believeingly to resign it unto the father of spirits, who gave it to mee, and to remit borth body and soul into the everlasting mercyes of God, the father, Sonne, and Holy Ghost. My body I desire it may be decently interred, at the discretion of my loving wife whom I do ordaine and make sole Executrix of this my Will. And for my outward Estate wherewith the Lord hath gratiously blessed me, I do dispose thereof as follows, viz. to Harvard College twenty shillings to be payed within one year after my decease. To Mary Bridge, and Elizabeth Jeffs, two of my grand-children now dwelling with mee I do give ten pounds apiece, to be paid by my Executrix as soon as she can with convenience, but not to be compellable thereto for and during to years after my decease. The residue of my estate, my just debts and funerall expenses being first payed, I do give and bequeath unto my loving wife Elizabeth, to have and to hold the same during her life, and at her pleasure to be helpful to any of my children as shee shall see meet in her discretion, by giveing or lending to them any part thereof: And before he deceased I do give her power to make her will, and by the same to bequeath nay part thereof by gift or legacy as shee shall see meet, and after her decease such part thereof as sahll beby her unexpended, and not disposed of by her before her decease, I do will and bequeath ye same in manner following - viz: To all my grandchildren I do give ten groates apeece, and the remainder to be equally divided among my children. My will is that the younger shall have eaquell with the eldest, I have formerly done for them according to my ability. Finally I do nominate my loving friends, Mr. Ri: Russel * Mr. Thomas Danforth*, and my sonne Jno. Pierce overseers of this my will; by whose advise and consent of them or the more part of them I do give my Executrix full power to settle all my lands on such of my sonnes, as shall approve themselves in the feare of God, and duty to their aged mother, and on such conditions as they shall meet also I do nominate Lift. Randall Nicholls (this name is in place if one erased, I think Lowden) to be added to my overseers above named, provided always it is my declared will yt my Executrix shall not a=lienable or dispose of any of my lands so as to deprive all my sonnes of the same, but I do giver her power by the advice of my overseers as above is expressed to dispose of the whole to any one of my sonnes according to her discretion, but not to divide the same into parcels. In witness whereof I do hereunto sett my hand and seal the day and year first written.

(*A note at time of proof shows that his will was executed at Thomas Danforth's house in Cambridge. Thomas Danforth was Treasurer of Harvard College, 1650-68. The inventory of Thomas Pierce's property taken Oct. 23, 1666, L713 5s., was filed Mar. , 1666-7 by his widow Elizabeth Pierce, aged about 71, appd. By Richard Lowden, Richard Jackson, Thomas Welch?.)
Note: 1. Thomas Pierce, the emigrant ancestor of this branch of the Pierce family, came from England to this country in 1633-4, with his wife Elizabeth Pierce, and settled in Charlestown, Mass. He was b. in England in 1583-4; d. Oct. 7, 1666. His wife Elizabeth was born in England in 1595-6.

The wife of Thomas was admitted to the church at Charlestown Jan. 10, and he Feb. 21, 1643-5. He was freeman May 6, 1635. Sept. 27, 1642, he was one of the twenty-one commissioners appointed by the Great and General Court, "to see that Saltpetre heapes were made by all the farmers of the colony."

Inventory: House, etc. L. 50; 12 acres, L48; 8 acres commons, L32; 6 acres, L20; 10 acres marsh, L20; 5 commons, L30; total L413.

Children, b. in Charlestown:-

2. John, probably the one admitted to the Church of Charlestown Aug. 22, 1652. He is not the one (as Savage suggests) who had a wife Elinor and removed to Kittery, for John and Elinor were inhabitants of the colony as early as 1639. He was a "Mariner," and probably returned to England and died there, as nothing can be found of his children in this country. He signed a deed in "Charltowne" the 27th of the 6th mo., 1655, as "John Pierce, Mariner, Doe for my selfe, my wiffe,"&c.; in this property conveyed was "a quarter of a cows common, which I brought of my sister, widdow Persis Bridges."

3. Samuel; m. Mary -

4. Thomas, Jr. b 1608 (?); m. May 6, 1635, Elizabeth Cole

5. Robert ; m. Feb. 18, 1657, Sarah Eyre

6. Mary; m. Petter Jeffs and had child Elizabeth (some one scractched out Peter Jeffs in the book and wrote Peter Tufts.)

7. Elizabeth; m Randall Nichols

8. Persis; m. William Bridge and had a child Mary. She m. 2nd, John Harrison. She was admitted to the church of Charlestown, Nov. 30, 1643.

9. Abigail, b. June 17, 1639.

Estate. - Grant, 4 acres planting ground, 1635-6.

Possessions, 1638, 10 lots: (1) 5 acres in West end - bd. W., Richard Sprague; E., Edward Burto, common; N., highway; S. church land; with dwelling-house. (2) 1 acre South Meade-E., creek; W., church land; N.E. Burton; S. Nowell. (3) 1 acre South Meade - S., Camb. Fence; E., John Woolrich; N.W. M. Bastow. (4) 4 acres Linefield, - S.W. Camb. Line; S.W. Will Baker; N.W., common, swamp; N.E. Brooks. (5) cows commons. (6) 5 acres woods Mystic field. (7) 3 acres Mystic marshes-w., North River; E., woods; N. widow Nash; s. Chubuck, J. Brimsmead. (8) 1 acres Mystic Long Meadow. (9) 15 acres woods Mystic field - N.E., Mrs. Coytemore; S.W. E. Richardson, J Hodges; N.W., R. Palrave; S.E. J Hubbard (10) 62 acres Waterfield - N.W. Joshua Tedd, Rice Morrice, J. Hodges, George Felt; S.W., E. Frothingham; S.W. James Hubbard; N.E. R. Palgrave
Death: 7 OCT 1666

Posted by Kathleen on July 25, 1998 at 11:47:19:

Looking for Thomas Pierce whose son Thomas Pierce married Elizabeth and came to America before 1629. I believe Thomas was born in Norwich, Norfolk, England. I am through their son, Samuel who married Mary. Samuel died in Charlestown, Middlesex, MA
Posted by Chris Shriver Stallwood on August 22, 1998 at 10:37:05:

In Reply to: Thomas Pierce about 1561 in England posted by Kathleen on July 25, 1998 at 11:47:19:

I am also a Pierce descendant. This is what I have on Samuel:Frederic Beech Pierce, 1882, "The Pierce Genealogy"

Thomas and Elizabeth came to America in 1633/34 from Eng. and settled in Charlestown, MA.

1. THOMAS PIERCE was born 1583 in England, and died 07 Oct 1666 in MA. He married ELIZABETH _____.

Children of Thomas Pierce and Elizabeth _____ are: i. JOHN PIERCE, b. Charlestown, MA. ii. SAMUEL PIERCE, b. Charlestown, MA; d. Sep 1678. Notes According to Frederick Beech Pierce, "Pierce Genealogy....", Samuel lived in Malden, MA, but moved to Charlestown between 1666 and 1669. Mary died of smallpox in 1705.

Children of Samuel Pierce and Mary (Pierce) are: i. SAMUEL PIERCE, JR.. ii. BENJAMIN PIERCE, d. Bef 1678. iii. MARY PIERCE, b. 20 Jun 1656; m. JOHN LYNDE. iv. THOMAS PIERCE, b. 07 Jan 1657/58; d. 04 Aug 1693; m. ELIZABETH HALL. v. JOHN PIERCE, b. 10 Aug 1659. vi. JOSEPH PIERCE, b. Aug 1660; d. Bef 1678. vii. JONATHAN PIERCE, b. 1661; d. 04 Jul 1722, Charlestown, MA. viii. JOHN PIERCE, b. 1664; d. 28 Sep 1716, Charlestown, MA. ix. ELIZABETH PIERCE, b. 16 Oct 1666. x. PERSIS PIERCE, b. 30 Jan 1667/68; m. (1) JOHN SHEPPARD, 26 Mar 1690; m. (2) WILLIAM RAND, Bef 1746. xi. ABIGAIL PIERCE, b. 16 Apr 1670; d. 1707. xii. HANNAH PIERCE, b. 28 Dec 1671; d. 1714; m. SAMUEL COUNCE, 29 Jan 1694/95.

iii. ROBERT PIERCE, m. SARAH EYRE, 18 Feb 1656/57. iv. MARY PIERCE. v. ELIZABETH PIERCE, m. RANDALL NICHOLS. vi. PERIS PIERCE. vii. THOMAS PIERCE, JR., b. 1608; d. 06 Nov 1683. viii. ABIGAIL PIERCE, b. 17 Jun 1639.
posted by cathy on July 28, 1998 at 14:42:01:

In Reply to: Thomas Pierce about 1561 in England posted by Kathleen on July 25, 1998 at 11:47:19:

Kathleen, also tracing Pierce family. Have a Thomas Pierce listed that came ot charlestown in 1633-34. He was born in England in 1583-4 and died 10/7/1666. Elizabeth was born in England 1595-6. Samuel died 1678 and was married to Mary. B-1631 D-1705. I come from their son Jonathan B-1661 D-1722 married 1683 Mary Lobdell B-1663 D-1744. Would love to know if this is same as your lineage. Pierce was a large family and we have small scrapbook things from cousins(ie death notices) that we'd love to trace. thanks cathy
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 07:15:31 -0800 (PST) From: Rebecca Witt <> Subject: Re: Pierce family To:


I will send you a lineage from Thomas to me:

I hope this helps you. 1. 'Sen'Thomas Pierce born 1583 at Shropshire, England died October 7, 1666 at Charlestown, Mass Married Elizabeth children: John, Samuel, Thomas, Robert, Mary, Elizabeth, Persis, Abigail. Came from England in 1633. Setled in Charlestown, Mass and made a Freeman there in 1635. 2.Sergeant Thomas Pierce born 1608 at Shrophire, Eng. died Nov. 6, 1683 at Charlestown, Mass married Elizabeth Cole on May 6, 1635 at Woburn, Mass children: Abigail, John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Joseph, Stephen, Samuel, Samuel, William, James, Abigail, Benjamin. 3. Ensign John Pierce born Mary 7, 1643 at Woburn, Mass died Mary 25, 1720 Married Deborah Converse July 1, 1663. Member of the convention (to the General Court) in 1689. Chosen Aug. 13, 1706 to succeed Major James Converse, as Woburn representative to General Court. Children: Deborah, John, Thomas, James, Daniel, James, Joseph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Ruth 4.Daniel Pierce born Oct. 7, 1676 at Woburn died March 14, 1754 at Harvard, Mass. married Dinah Holt July 3, 1705 children: Abigail, Thomas, Sarah, Joseph, Daniel, John, Dinah, Keziah. He was a farmer. He was deputy to the General Court from 1721 to 1726. 5. Daniel Pierce Jr. born Jun 23, 1714 at Harvard died June 27, 1766 at Jaffrey, N.H. married Sarah Buck Dec. 23, 1741. children: Daniel, Reuben, Samuel, Jacob, Sarah, Abigail, Kezia, Abigail 5. Samuel Pierce born May 11, 1749 at Harvard died Dec. 27, 1824 at Jaffrey. married Abigail Carter Jan. 10, 1774 at Leominster, Mass. children Asaph, Samuel, Betsey, Caleb, Annis, Abigail, Sarah, Lucy, Joseph, Silas. He is said to have red hair and more than the usual number of teeth, he impressed the indians by biting a nail in half. He came to Jaffrey, N.H. 1774, bought land on the so-called Sawyer Hill, south of E. Jaffrey Village; owned Lot #17, Range 9, Monadnock #2. He signed a protestant petition to Gov. Wentworth about town layout of Jaffrey in 1774. He was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, and is listed among the veterans of Jaffrey. Traditionally he ownedthe first horse in Jaffrey. He owned Pew #16 in the ld Meeting House, Jaffrey, before 1791. Owned Stall #3 of horse sheds erected against the Old Meeting House.

6. Asaph Pierce born Juyly 9, 1774 in Leominster died July 17, 1774 at Leominster married Hannah Stickney Feb. 10, 1797 at Berlin, Vt. children: Phebe, Samuel, Kimball, Lottis, Roxana, Rebecca, Hannah 7. Samuel Pierce - born Dec. 23, 1799 at Berlin, VT died Nov. 9, 1881 at Moretown, VT Married Matilda Bailey Feb. 7, 1825. children: Schyler B., Alvin Myron. 8. Alvin Myron Pierce - born Feb. 16, 1828 at Montpelier, VT died 1906. married Lucretia L. Bagley children: Emma C., Lewis Samuel, Edward Alvin, Hattie M. 9. Edward Alvin Pierce - born June 16, 1862 at Moretown, VT died Aril 4, 1949 at Lyndon, VT. married Charlotte Louise Woodward Nov. 26, 1891. children: Merle Edward, Leslie Alvin, Gerald Woodward, Cedric Errol, Wayland Dwight, Robert Kenneth, Rachel Woodward, Kenneth Gaylord, Donald chester 10.Robert Kenneth Pierce- born Sept. 2, 1901 at East Montpelier, VT died March 23, 1988 at Lyndon Center, VT married Edith Pearl Labay Jan. 19, 1923. children: Phylis Louise, Robert kenneth Jr, Leland Dwight. 2nd wife children: Linwood robert Pierce, Edward Earnest. 11. Leland Dwight Pierce- born Sept. 29, 1928 at St. Johnsbury, VT died Jan. 21. 1976 at Greenville, Texas. married Betty Nell Hendley dec. 25, 1949 at Texarkana, TX. children: Rebecca Jane Pierce, Laura Elizabeth Pierce

Thomas Pierce was also known as Thomas Pease. He was baptized on 17 December 1585 at Nayland, Suffolk, England.1,2 He was the son of John Pease and Jone Smith (1,2) At England, Thomas married Elizabeth (?).3 Thomas Pierce was admitted to the church at Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, on 21 February 1634/35.3 He died on Thursday, 7 October 1666 at Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, at age 80 years, 9 months and 20 days.1 Or Thomas Pierce died on 7 October 1666 at Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, at age 80.3
Children of Thomas Pierce and Elizabeth (?):
John Pierce
Sgt. Thomas Pierce b. a 1618, d. 6 Nov 1683
Samuel Pierce
Mary Pierce b. 1627, d. 10 Jan 1702/3
Persis Pierce d. 7 Mar 1682/83
Elizabeth Pierce d. 21 Apr 1692
Abigail Pierce b. 17 Jun 1639
[S265] Drake, Samuel G.. "Memoir of Benjamin Pierce", The New England Historical and Genealogical Register volume VII (1853).
[S313] Somerby, H.G.. "Facts Relative to the Pease Family", The New England Historical and Genealogical Register volume IX (1855).
[S14] Wyman, Thomas Bellows. The Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown, Massachusetts 1629-1818. 1879. Reprint Somersworth, New Hampshire: New England History Press, 1982.


Thomas married Elizabeth BROWN in 1635 in Charleston, , Massachusetts. (Elizabeth BROWN was born between 1595 and 1596 in , , , England.)

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